Oh, The Pretty Colors!

This week’s challenge was super fun!  In the previous weeks, I’d attempted a 2 color swirl, then 3 colors, and now I’m up to a whopping FOUR! Though I’ve still only made a handful of batches of soap, I’m feeling more accomplished by the minute!

I think I’ll call it Seaside Garden!

This soap was made with a fragrance called Awapuhi Seaberry.  The scent description includes notes of white ginger, florals, melon and berries (among other things).  It’s very sweet, but I can’t quite put my finger on what I smell the most.  So I went with melon pink, soft yellow, lavender, and a sage green to represent all the different scents in their feminine glory.  It certainly smells divine!

Here’s a peak at the creative process!

Since every batch I’ve made so far has traced faster than I expected or wanted, I got smart and changed my base oil recipe for this batch.  I had much more time to work with it, and the fragrance behaved perfectly giving me lots of play time!

Pouring the first layer was so exciting!

I started the pour in 2 spots inside my smallest one-pound mold, then changed the positioning of the pour when it was half-full.  I love the results!  Even my hubby called it “beautiful!”  I would never have dreamed he would call a soap beautiful!  Goes to show that my excitement is starting to rub off!  I’m so glad he’s supportive of my new addiction…er…hobby!

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