Soapy Swirls with Unexpected Surprises

I’ve had so much fun creating different in-the-pot swirls and spoon swirls and drop swirls in soaps the last few months! So many factors affect the swirl: distance when pouring, consistency/thickness of the soap batter, which tool is used to create the swirl, additives (like oatmeal or coffee grounds), etc, etc, etc. It’s incredible how no two swirls are ever the same, and it’s really fun to find unexpected results when the final soap is revealed!

My latest surprise came when I cut into a loaf of Frankincense and Myrrh soap. I used a lovely forest green color, some cocoa powder to create a deep brown, and gold sparkle mica, together representing the 3 gifts of the wise men. I drop swirled each of these colors into the uncolored soap batter, then I spoon swirled all of it. Look what I found in a few bars:

IMG_4896 (2)

See the hearts?! It’s a little abstract here.

IMG_4900 (2)

But, you HAVE to see the hearts here, right?!

IMG_4901 (2)

These are the same bars as above, just sitting the way they were in the mold. How on earth did I get a sideways heart in there? It’s a complete mystery to me!

How appropriate to find hearts in the soap inspired by the gifts of the three wise men?! LOVE!

Here’s what some of the other bars from the same loaf look like:

IMG_4905 (2)

Frankincense & Myrrh soap

Isn’t it amazing how in the same loaf, every bar looks so completely unique? Gotta love soapy swirls! This is just another reason that I’m completely addicted to making handcrafted soap. It’s truly an art!

If you’re into art, keep looking. These are a few of my other favorite swirl reveals of soaps I’ve made recently.

IMG_4890 (2)

Intense Almond soap made with deep drop swirls


Pears & Berries soap in the raw with gorgeous wispy swirls on top. Inside that loaf is a super wispy in-the-pot swirl as well!

IMG_4416 (2)

Enchanted Apple soap with drop Holly swirls then spoon swirls and peaked tops


Blackberry Sage soap in the raw with a fun top! First I used a soap comb in both directions down the mold and across the mold, then I added big loopy swirls with a single skewer.

What’s your favorite kind of soapy swirl? Hard to choose just one favorite, I know! Stay tuned for another spoon swirl reveal this week… It’s almost Soap Challenge Club time again! 🙂

Christmas Soaps

Decking the house, family gatherings, special concerts, photo sessions, baking and baking some more… The holiday season is always very busy. But it can always get busier! 

This year I’ve added another to-do to my list: SOAP!!! This is my first year making soap to sell during the holidays, and boy, oh boy, did it increase my busy-ness! It’s been so much fun making pounds and pounds of soap! New scents, new colors, new designs and techniques. Serious creativity surge!

Back in October, I thought I was getting an early start. I began making a few Christmas scents as testers, and a few orders trickled in. Then by November, the orders increased dramatically! I found myself scrambling to get all of the orders filled in time for them to cure. I certainly didn’t give myself much time to get them packaged, but somehow it has all worked out perfectly. And I even have a few extras left over to give as gifts!

Surprisingly, I remembered to snap a few photos of this year’s holiday soaps just before I packaged them.

DSC03833 (2)

Christmas Soaps

Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the new soaps made just for this holiday season.

DSC03800 (2)

An assortment of peppermint soaps made using different molds and techniques. (Sometime soon I’ll post about the different swirls used in the round molds to get each of those looks!)


Vanilla Bean Noel soaps. These were fresh off the cutting board. Over time, they’ve changed to a darker brown color due to the vanilla content. (I’ll also be writing a post about the awesome color changes that occur with vanilla!)


Frosted Cranberry Soap on the cutting board. I “painted” the top of this soap to look like mistletoe and holly berries, then I dusted it with iridescent glitter. Though the top is pretty, I think the beautiful swirls are the showstopper in this soap!

DSC03811 (2)

Another look at the Frosted Cranberry Soaps. I made two separate batches with the same basic method, but the red wasn’t nearly as dark in the batch on the right. Amazing how they all turn out so different!

DSC03815 (2)

Frankincense and Myrrh soap with a gold mica swirl on top. The three wise men must have smelled fantastic!!!

DSC03712 (2)

What a beautiful sight! These are several assorted soaps, all beveled and ready for packaging before a craft fair.

I feel so very blessed and privileged to have gotten some large orders. Several people ordered soaps in bulk to give as Christmas gifts to their friends, family, customers, and co-workers. Thank you so much if you’re one who purchased from me. And if you’re one of the recipients of my soap, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! 

It’s incredibly humbling when other people like something that I’ve spent so much time learning and perfecting. And if you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ll see that I’ll keep learning and “perfecting” from now until forevermore! There’s always something unexpected, something new, something intriguing, something else to research and try. Soaping is such a fun adventure, and I’m thankful that you’re following along. 🙂