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I love to interact with moms, crafters, and fellow soapers and soap-users alike! Have a question or want to chat with me? Interested in something you’ve seen here or at a craft show? Want to purchase or special order some of my handmade goodies? Please contact me at

I try my best to check my email daily, but if you don’t hear back from me right away, I’m probably chasing around one or more of my five messy babies!

Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Katy:) I received a couple bars of your awesome soap through Rick and Sharon. Well…..I am totally sold! Could you let me know what I need to do so I can get stocked up…Thank you so much.

  2. Katy, I received a bar of your soap from my daughter-in-law Xmas It was an Illinois bar. Can I purchase 2 more bars for my granddaughters who are at Uof I ??? Where can I find your soap?? Thank you. Donna

    • Hi Dee! Thanks for your interest! I am currently filling an order and taking inventory. I’ll email you directly this afternoon to give you the details. 🙂

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