Drop Swirls Galore

Once again, it’s time for the Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge Club! The challenge for March was the drop swirl technique, one that I’ve actually done many times in the past. Every bar of soap turns out unique and usually beautiful, and the possibilities for colors and fragrances are endless. That being said, choosing fragrance and color was truly my challenge this time around!

I threw caution to the wind and made lots and lots of soap! Seven batches this week to be exact (which is quite a lot of soap for this busy mama). SO. MUCH. FUN!

Here’s one of my favorites.

IMG_1607 (2)

Candy Shop Soap made with yogurt

The scent is a blend of Fresh Fruit Slices and Bite Me fragrance oils from Nature’s Garden, making it reminiscent of Mike & Ike candies, Fruit Loops, and Now & Later candy chews. That’s why I chose the bright orange base color with yellow, pink, green, and purple accents. Candy! It reminds me of some scent from my childhood that I can’t quite put my finger on.

The raw soap was so beautiful!

IMG_1575 (2)

Candy Shop raw soap in the mold

It got very hot, very fast. During gel phase, the soap was almost transparent.


Candy Shop soap in gel phase

The colors did turn out nice and bright, but I’m disappointed with the large amount of tiny air bubbles that are throughout this one. Darn it!

IMG_1590 (2)

Candy Shop Soap

My next favorite is Pears & Berries soap. Here’s a peak at it!

IMG_1644 (2)

Pears & Berries Soap made with yogurt

This is a Majestic Mountain Sage fragrance oil that I truly love. It’s a sweet, bright scent that just smells happy! And I included yogurt in this soap to make your skin just as happy as your nose! The main soap batter is uncolored, then I dropped in swirls colored with gold mica and green oxide to represent the pear peels and flesh, plus a hint of cranberry red color.


This raw soap was beautiful, too!

I love how several bars came out with drops that actually look like pears!


This cut revealed pears complete with stems (far left and far right)!

IMG_1633 (2)

The bottom bars looks like a green pear and a gold pear to me as well! Can you see it, or am I trying too hard? Haha!

Now we pause for a brief intermission.


Miss Lydia. How could that sweet face not brighten your day!?!?

Just making sure you’re still here, and giving you a dose of happy!  🙂

My final “favorite” drop swirl is this one:


Intense Almond Triple Milk Soap made with milk, buttermilk, and goat milk

Intense Almond fragrance (also from Majestic Mountain Sage) is one of my favorite scents of all time. I want to eat it. Not just sniff it incessantly. EAT IT. It’s that good! It smells just like almond extract. Sweet. Yummy. Like The Pioneer Woman’s favorite sugar cookies (which, yes, I have actually made).

Have you noticed that all of my favorites have a theme? I must have been very hungry this past week! Food and candy, candy and food! I made 7 different drop swirl soaps, and 6 of them are food scented. Cookie, anyone?


Intense Almond Triple Milk Soap

This soap really isn’t all that exciting or interesting in color profile, but I just love the way the swirls dropped in. The main batter was uncolored, then I dropped in some white soap (made with titanium dioxide) and some brown soap (colored with cocoa powder). I like the soft beige as well as the light and dark contrast. And…did I mention how delicious this scent is?!


See how every bar is so different?

Though it’s been a difficult decision, I’ve decided to enter Pears & Berries Soap for the Soap Challenge this month. Here’s another look in case my crazy long post has made you forget!

IMG_1631 (2)

Pears & Berries Soap

I’m so excited to see all the entries since this technique always produces such fantastic results. There are so many talented soapers from around the world participating in these challenges, and I’m very grateful to be a part of such fun! Thanks, Amy!!! And thanks to everyone for stopping by! I hope you’re having a happy day!


14 thoughts on “Drop Swirls Galore

  1. Your soaps all turned out great! I love how
    The pear shapes appeared. I wish we could
    All smell the soaps. That’s half the fun

  2. We are enjoying the soaps that we purchased from you a couple of weeks ago. Love the colors of your new creations!

  3. 7 soaps??? That’s incredible!! I love your top 3 picks – can’t believe you got actual pear shapes in the Pears & Berries! And no, I don’t think it’s a stretch at all!! 🙂

    • Hehe! Thanks! I know… I can’t believe I made 7 soaps, either! That NEVER happens. Took LOTS of planning to get it all in! This is one of my favorite techniques. Results are always so pretty! Thanks for another great challenge, Amy!

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