Another Swirl

Lately I’ve been making soaps galore, and I’m really having fun trying out new-to-me techniques. I find myself browsing through various soap making blogs and YouTube videos late at night after the kids are in bed. Recently, I came across this video by The Soaperstar Celine Blacow where she shows a cool spoon swirl in the mold, which she coins “The Celine Swirl.” (She’s a hoot, by the way! Check out her videos for a giggle.) It’s a pretty simple swirl that has beautiful results, so of course I had to try it out!

This is Sexy Sandalwood soap, made with the simple Celine Swirl. First I poured in one layer of uncolored soap, then I spooned on a stripe of light brown soap, followed by the remainder of the uncolored soap. Then, I randomly pushed a spoon to the bottom of the mold, twisted and pulled up in one gentle motion. I did this throughout the mold, down both sides and intermittently in the middle as well. What fun it was to cut into this loaf of soap. I had no idea what to expect really. The swirls are stunning in person, and every bar is so unique!

Sexy Sandalwood Soap

Somehow it looks as if I used a white colorant in there, but I can assure you that I didn’t! Is it the way the soap heated and gelled, perhaps? The mysteries of soap. And even though I tamped the mold a lot, I still found a few air bubbles throughout the soap. Oh well. The luscious scent and swirls make up for a few small air pockets here and there. I absolutely love this very sexy and unisex scent. It’s one that you sniff once, put down, then instinctively pick back up and inhale deeply. The scent lingers.

Sexy Sandalwood Soap

My husband likes the scent as much as I do. Before he knew the name, he commented on how this smells like a resort. Then I told him the name, and he thinks it sounds like a resort, too. Makes me want to travel. Wait, how exactly does one travel with five very young children??? It’s do-able, but certainly not very enjoyable! Maybe someday… But for now, I’ll have to have a little resort getaway in my own shower.


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