Dreamy Swirl Success

Lavender Vanilla Sleep Time Soap with Holly SwirlsI did it! The Holly swirl was a success! It’s amazing how excited I get over making a beautiful soap. After my first try didn’t work out quite as I’d planned, I was super antsy to try again. A lavender and vanilla scented soap has been on my list of things to make for quite a while. I need something calming after chasing around those energetic kids all day! So I wanted to go for a dreamy nighttime swirl of colors in hopes that some night I can sit in a bath tub relaxing with my soapy creation. (I’d also settle for a quick shower while the kids are napping. Have I mentioned how much I love nap time?)

For this batch, I made sure to soap at lower temperatures and not to blend too much. After adding the lye solution, I poured off a bit of unscented soap to color white. Then I added fragrance to the main batch and only mixed it in by hand. I separated out more soap to turn light blue, and some to turn midnight blue. The main batter is a lavender/bluish/gray color, similar to the nighttime sky at dusk. While everything was still very fluid, I poured the white and midnight soaps into the light blue pot. I put about three-quarters of the main batter into the mold, then poured the mixture of 3 colors into the mold from high above.

Creating Holly Swirl

Everything was perfectly fluid, and I knew immediately that this was exactly what I’d been going for! Pure satisfaction! To finish it off, I painted the top of the soap with splashes of each color and had fun swirling it as well.

Raw loaf of Lavender Vanilla Sleep Time Soap

Oh, the joy of cutting into a loaf of soap that you’ve worked hard at planning and making! Each slice of the soap was fun to study. I had a hard time deciding which beautiful swirl was my favorite. And I love this scent blend. So much so that I may just schedule time for myself in the bathtub very soon. I will most certainly continue to use this technique in soaps. Success looks (and smells) sweet!

Lavender Vanilla Sleep Time Soap

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