Peaked Tops

The Week 9 soap challenge issued by Amy of Great Cakes Soapworks was to create peaked tops on soap.  It looks like a pretty simple technique, but I think I’m going to have to work on it some more!  I do like the way my tops turned out, but I think practice will make them even better.

The first soap I made was with a new recipe again, and I used my newest Peach Nectar fragrance oil.  This soap traced really quickly, and the fragrance most certainly accelerated trace.   I did a peach and pink in-the-pot swirl, but I had to create holes in the peach base to get the pink to the bottom of the pot! Then I had to work quickly to slap it all in the mold!  I didn’t have to wait at all to create the peaks since the soap was setting up so fast.

Here’s the raw Peach Nectar soap. Notice how messy the sides are! I really had a rough time getting this in the mold!

The final product turned out really nicely considering the troubles I had.

Fresh out of the mold, and the peaks look nice!  The color of this picture is off, but you get the idea.

Honestly, I was thankful not to have soap on a stick, and I can’t believe there are actually swirls in the bars!

The colors aren’t very pronounced, but there are some lovely pink swirls in there! I was hoping for some redder veins like you see in peaches. Oh well! And the tops have gotten a bit ashy as it cures, but I don’t mind it.

While I was on a roll, I decided to try making another soap, once again with a new recipe and a new scent.  This time I chose White Tea & Ginger, and it smells fantastic!  I used titanium dioxide in the soap base and attempted to make a brownish/peachish ginger color to swirl in the mold.  Much like my first soap, this one accelerated really quickly as well!  I didn’t make very dramatic peaks in this one, but I really like the results.  And the colors turned out really beautiful.  This scent is becoming a fast favorite of mine!

White Tea & Ginger soap loaf

White Tea & Ginger bars

My Peach Nectar and White Tea & Ginger soaps are curing side-by-side, and the smell is wonderful!  I may have to try mixing these two fragrances!  So yummy and fresh that I want to take a bite!  Take a look at the other pretty peaked tops here. Thanks for stopping by!

21 thoughts on “Peaked Tops

    • Thanks, Amy! I love to drink peach tea, so why not try to blend White Tea & Ginger with Peach?! I’m definitely going to try some blending using the paper towel technique you taught me of course! 🙂

    • Thank you, Eileen! Isn’t soaping so fun! Which supplier do you use for your white tea & ginger? I’m using the Wholesale Supplies Plus version currently, and I absolutely love how fresh and bright it is. But I’d like to try other suppliers as well!

    • Thanks for the kind comments, Pam! The 2 new recipes that I used did produce really creamy soaps this time. I think I’ve found a couple of keepers!

  1. They’re both beautiful, Katy! I’m a big fan of White Tea and Ginger as well. I’m using Brambleberry’s, do you have another ? The peaks look so simple when you watch a video of someone like Celine doing them…then you realize they’re not as easy as they look. Your’s turned out nicely – well done !! ~Suzy

    • Thank you, Suzy! I’m using Wholesale Supplies Plus White Tea & Ginger, and I’d like to try a few other suppliers’ versions as well. I’m thinking that they are probably all different but similar, and I bet they are ALL really nice. You’re totally right about watching someone else’s video (Celine is a pro!). Others make it look so easy!

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