Oh, The Pretty Colors!

This week’s challenge was super fun!  In the previous weeks, I’d attempted a 2 color swirl, then 3 colors, and now I’m up to a whopping FOUR! Though I’ve still only made a handful of batches of soap, I’m feeling more accomplished by the minute!

I think I’ll call it Seaside Garden!

This soap was made with a fragrance called Awapuhi Seaberry.  The scent description includes notes of white ginger, florals, melon and berries (among other things).  It’s very sweet, but I can’t quite put my finger on what I smell the most.  So I went with melon pink, soft yellow, lavender, and a sage green to represent all the different scents in their feminine glory.  It certainly smells divine!

Here’s a peak at the creative process!

Since every batch I’ve made so far has traced faster than I expected or wanted, I got smart and changed my base oil recipe for this batch.  I had much more time to work with it, and the fragrance behaved perfectly giving me lots of play time!

Pouring the first layer was so exciting!

I started the pour in 2 spots inside my smallest one-pound mold, then changed the positioning of the pour when it was half-full.  I love the results!  Even my hubby called it “beautiful!”  I would never have dreamed he would call a soap beautiful!  Goes to show that my excitement is starting to rub off!  I’m so glad he’s supportive of my new addiction…er…hobby!

Don’t forget to take a look at everyone else’s colorful creations here.

11 thoughts on “Oh, The Pretty Colors!

  1. What a cool pattern you got with this soap! Isn’t it just so neat the way we can all use the same method and end up with totally different looking soaps?? I’ve eyed that Awapuhi Seaberry fragrance and wondered how it was…glad to hear it’s a keeper!

  2. Thanks for the compliments ladies! I really appreciate it, especially since you all have made such incredible soaps! I really do like the fragrance and plan to use it again. It’s floral enough to be feminine, but not overpowering.

  3. Now this looks like a professional soap, Miss Katy!! Well done ! So sweet that your husband supports you and comments on a beautiful batch. Mine really likes some of the soaps we’ve tried from Newt+Fig and Soap Deluxe and realizes how much nicer they are than store bought. He throw a jab in occasionally about the house smelling like soap, but it’s said in a teasing way. I had a batch supper accelerate on me this weekend, so I’m in a bit of a funk. I’m going back to my slow-to-trace recipe and will scale it down for my 1.5 lb mold for now. I was able to plop the soap in the mold and smoosh it down with a spatula. I have a few air bubbles, but not nearly as many as I’d expected. I used a blend of Orange Spice and Earl Grey Lemon from Brambleberry. I’ve used each on their own without any trouble, so it must have been the combination. Off to read more of your blog posts ! ~Suzy

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